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bioReigns empowers everyone to improve the health of all areas of their life, from their physical wellness to their financial security. Our affiliates start their own businesses sharing our exclusive products with absorption biotechnology not available anywhere else in the world.

The affiliate who introduced you to bio is your best resource! They can help you learn about our products, our biotechnology, and the bio business opportunity. For more help on your bio journey, contact our Customer Support team at support@bioreigns.com.

how do I become a bioReigns affiliate?

Become a bioReigns affiliate and earn 25% commission on all product purchases from any person that purchases directly from your unique link. You will also receive 5%, 2.5%, and 1.25% for each level down respectively. Commissions can be seen the same day they are earned and will be paid out each week. Affiliates receive 10% off on all product purchases and an additional 15% off all SmartShip orders. There is no cost to join bioReigns as an affiliate. Just share your link and earn commission!

are bioReigns products vegan, organic and gluten free?

bioReigns offers many vegan, organic and gluten free options throughout our product line. To indicate which products are vegan, look for the special icons.

can you take multiple bioReigns products in the same day?

Consult your physician before taking any new supplement(s).

where are bioReigns products made?

bioReigns products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

does bioReigns provide a list of ingredients in their products?

All the ingredients in a product can be found on bioReigns’ website, each item’s nutrition facts -product sheet, and on the label of the product itself.

does bioReigns offer wholesale?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.

does bioReigns ship outside of the united states?

bioReigns does not ship any CBD products outside the USA. bioReigns ships non-CBD products to Canada, and we hope to expand to more countries in the future.

does bioReigns provide certificates of analysis?

Yes. The Certificate of Analysis for the raw CBD concentrate used in bioReigns products can be found on the documentation page of this website.

how much pet tincture should i give my pet?

We encourage all pet parents to do their own research, and do some experimenting. Try different amounts to see what works best for your pet. There are many places online that can help you find the right starting point. Please consult with your vet before giving your pets any new supplements.

to what areas of the body can I apply the day serum and night serum?

Anywhere you like! Most people use these products on their face and neck, but they are safe for external use all over the body.

how long will it take to receive my bioReigns products?

After an order is placed, your package is typically shipped within seven business days. You will receive an alert when the postage label for your order is printed – please note this does not indicate that the package has been shipped. You will be able to track your package’s shipment with a tracking number for each order. If after 30 days in transit, you have not received your order, we will send you a replacement package at no cost to you.

what is the suggested serving amount for bioReigns products?

Wellness is a journey, and we encourage everyone to increase or decrease the amount of any bioReigns product to meet their specific needs. Experiment to see what works best for you! Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any new supplements, including ours. Tinctures: Start with 1mL per day. 1mL is about two half-full droppers of tincture. Specialty tinctures, like Sleep and Lean, can be used as needed. Our Lean tincture is an especially strong stimulant – only use as much as is needed, and do not combine with any other stimulants. Limitless: We recommend two capsules per day. Gummies: We recommend two gummies at a time to start.

do bioReigns products include thc?

The only THC product we offer is our cbdDaily Full Spectrum tincture. In compliance with the law, this tincture contains less than 0.3% THC. Those who choose the Full Spectrum cbdDaily tincture take advantage of the “entourage effect” to get the best results from all the terpenes in hemp.

how long does it take for my affiliate registration to process?

No time at all! As soon as you complete your free signup page, your unique bioreigns.com website goes live. Anyone can use that unique URL to buy bioReigns products from you.

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