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brain testing

EEG, or quantitative electroencephalography, measures how the activity of different brain waves in an individual measures against a database of average brain wave activity. We wanted to compare brain wave activity after subjects took an oil-based supplement to the activity after taking our water-based supplement.

how to read these results

These experiments compared the Z-Scores of different brain waves in two individuals. In a set of data, Z-Scores reflect how many standard deviations a specific number is away from the mean of that data. The higher the Z-Score, the further one point in a set of data is from the average. To learn more about both Z-Scores AND how qEEG reports work, we recommend Clicking Here to watch this Youtube video.

When reading these results, compare the subject’s brain wave Z-Scores. The report also shows measurements taken for each subject before they took any supplements. We’re proud to say that only the water-soluble BioReigns products were able to affect these Z-Scores in just five minutes!

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