Pet Tincture

CBD / Curcumin for Your Furry Friend

CBD + Curcumin Complex

Natural and Water Soluble

Pain and discomfort aren’t limited to just humans. Our furry, four-legged friends may experience every-day aches and pains, just as we do. BioReigns has formulated a daily CBD/Curcumin Complex to aid with any discomforts our loyal companions may be experiencing. Our 100% water-soluble CBD/Curcumin Complex allows pets to easily absorb 300mgs of “pure relief”. Just like humans, our pets are mostly made up of water. This allows pets to take full advantage of the Bioreigns water-soluble CBD tinctures just like we do. We recommend starting with 1ml a day depending on the size of your pet. Please check the Bioreigns Pet Tincture chart in order to view full dosage recommendations for your pet’s size/weight. Download The Pet Tincture Dosage Chart Here

Pet Tincture

Pure Water, Water Soluble CBD / Curcumin Complex Directions: Consume 1 mL orally

Consult the pet tincture chart for proper dosage

Price: $49.99 (30 mL)

Price: $10.99 (5 mL)

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