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Many people have shed unwanted pounds through a ketogenic diet. With bioReset, you don’t need to go on a full keto diet to obtain ketosis. bioReset supports the body’s ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels through a combination of MCT oil powder and our rapidCT version of gymnema, berberine, and catastatin. These ingredients act as a catalyst to support the body into ketosis in a matter of hours, rather than days as when following a typical ketogenic diet.

What are the benefits? Use bioReset for 60 hours and support your body’s natural ability to turn to fat for fuel. bioReset helps the body to become fat adaptic and burn fat as the primary fuel source.

Hydrate, included in this pack, delivers electrolytes, sodium, vitamins and minerals to keep the body hydrated throughout this process. Continue to use bioReset past the initial 60 hour reset for additional results.

Recommended Use

For initial 60 hours take both products in water 2-3 times daily. After the initial 60 hour reset, take both products 1- 2 times per day until your next 60 hour reset.

what is it?

hydrate: A synergistic blend of essential electrolytes and trace minerals for improved hydration, energy, and vitality in one convenient and tasty blend.

balance: A synergistic blend of essential nutrients that promotes healthier weight loss, ketone production and improved blood sugar levels.

what does it do?

Hydrate provides you with better nutrition and better energy than water alone. It’s everything your body needs — but without added sugar. Potassium salt replenishes your body’s water stores, and antioxidants CoQ10 and resveratrol help fight oxidative stress throughout the body. Our unique rapidCell technology (rapidCT) ensures optimal absorption.

Balance helps you achieve better weight loss and better digestion. Traditional methods of entering into ketosis can take days of eating a restrictive “keto diet” which significantly restricts carbohydrates. bioReigns Balance supports the body to produce its own ketones within hours. This encourages your metabolism to enter a state of ketosis to support the body in limiting glucose from being stored as fat, while also burning stored fat in the body.

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